Asia Riding Adventure - Kanchanaburi Group Ride --- 28 - 29 June 2014
Asia Riding Adventure - headed by Amine - organized a small group ride to not only a historic destination - but a destination with a variety of sites to take
in from scenic upcountry roads, mountain roads, city life and more.
Bangkok Motorbike Festival - Central World Plaza --- Group Ride to BMF on 5 July 2014
As held every year, the 'Bangkok Motorbike Festival was held at Central World Plaza - 'BANGKOK 2 - 6 July 2014. DMCT Bangkok attended, along with friends
and family. Part of the group rode to BMF from Rock Lek Lek Cafe - Rangsit (Thanks to Khun Tong for organizing the group ride). 55 bikes in total came
together from RLL Cafe.
Group Ride to Nakhon Nayok - Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam / Khlong Tha Dan Dam Project and Khao Yai National Park Entrance ---- 3 August 2014
Brilliant group ride with the Bangkok Chapter as well as solo riders joining. The group met at Rock Lek Lek Cafe - headed to Nakhon Nayok enjoying the
scenic ride / roads - stop for lunch and to take in the sites at Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam / Khlong Tha Dan Dam Project. Continued onto the entrance of
Khao Yai National Park and returned to Rock Lek Lek Cafe. In addition to the group ride for touring it was a celebration ride for King Patje - Stg at Arms new
wheels! Thank you to Pee Charn for leading the group today as well as to eveyone for making it a great - safe ride! (If you are interested in joining our day
trips or group rides - use the contact us page or check out our facebook page "
Motorcycle Meet Ups and Trips"
Ride for HM The Queen August 9, 2014
Brilliant day today with the MC, seeing old friends solo riders and from other MCs, making new friendships - and being part of history in Thailand (biker history and
showing respect for the Queen for her birthday / Mother’s Day.) Great job by the interim gov’t (military) as well as by all volunteers from the beginning at the Royal
Thai Army Base - the ride - and arrival at The Grand Palace. Definitely on the calendar for next year! Ride photos, event photos from both points (start and end),
photos with bikers (solo and MC) all coming together for two purposes – Respect for Her Majesty the Queen and to show unity regardless of being a solo rider or
what patch you wear. (More photos will be added as we collect them – Photo Credits and Thanks to : Jim, King Patje, Saroshinee and various other sources).
DMCT 6th Anniversary Day Trip - August 11, 2014
On August 8, 2014 it marked the 6th Anniversary of the MC –  and on August 11, 2014 we held our annual – anniversary ride - sending out an open invitation to all
riders Thai and Ex Pat – solo, other MC’s, old friends and new. The day ride took the group to Ayutthaya to take in some of the back roads – great for relaxing rides,
historic and scenic stops, lunch and good times riding with good friends. Thank you to all who participated – looking forward to a bigger and better ride next year!
Thank you to Khun Tong for allowing us to use Rock Lek Lek Café as our main assembly point and return point, thank you to P Charn for being our acting Road
Captain for the trip – great route and lunch stop! Thank you to Khun Jim – VP for guiding the first group from Bangkok to Rock Lek Lek. There are many other
people to thank for making this a successful event – but just to many to list – you know who you are!) Photo credits to Saroshinee, Khun Tong, Khun Jim, Khun
Eileen, King Patje, Khun Steve and many others.